Document Attestation services

Document Attestation for UAE

Avani is the best resource for document attestation for UAE. With years of experience in certificate attestation, we are qualified, experienced and have capability to handle all kinds of attestation services, both domestic and international. We thus provide attestation services for a wide variety of certificates, and you can categorize them broadly into:

  • Educational documents
  • Non-education documents
  • Commercial Documents

By attesting these documents, you will be able to proceed with whatever your aim is while in the UAE. It could be work, business or higher education. These are for educational certificate attestation services. For non-educational certificate attestation, our services would include birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, employment certificates and so on.

Once we collect all the documents from you, we will verify them completely, and then present them to the concerned authorities. This way, we can quickly get your documents officially recognized and validated by the governing bodies in the Emirates. As part of our document attestation for UAE services, you can use these verified documents for legal use and official purposes.

If you are starting a company in UAE, you will have to attest several documents in the correct manner before the Justice Ministry approves your request. Having a credible agency by your side will ease the process so you will get everything right the first time. Similarly, for each activity, you will have to attest documents related to it, and this process can be hastened when we work with you.