About us

Specialized in providing translation
services for all legal transactions

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Avani Legal Translation Services is a licensed translation agency in Abu Dhabi. We are experts in providing a Large-scale integrated multilingual translation system with the possibility of requesting a special language, including but not limited to Arabic, English, Russian, French, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Farsi, Urdu. Based on our dedicated team of translators, editors, project managers, and linguists, we deliver value-added translation services that are precisely tailored to the requirements and advantages of our business and individual clients throughout the United Arab Emirates. We guarantee a professional translation service of the highest level at the most affordable rates within the shortest time frames possible. Our long-term partnerships with our clients, as well as their integrity and confidence in us as their first translation source, are the foundation this dedication is built on.

about us

Specialized in providing translation
services for all legal transactions

About us

In the past, like you, we have struggled to find translators to translate official and legal papers, and the results are often frustrating and unsatisfactory, either because of the translators’ lack of experience in legal matters or because of exaggerated high prices. Therefore, we have established Avani Legal Translation Services Company, by a group of translators and experts in legal matters, with the aim of assisting residents inside the UAE and visitors from abroad of different foreign nationalities in obtaining legal translation services according to their native language.

Over the years, Avani Legal Translation Services has earned an impressive reputation as one of the most trusted translation companies in UAE. The experience and expertise we have drawn gives us an edge over other translation agencies in UAE.

The Team

We have several teams of skilled and certified bilingual and multilingual translators, with extensive knowledge of legal systems around the world. This enables us to offer large scale translation services in a plethora of different languages. No matter what language you need your file to be translated, we can get it done for you.

Here is a quick look at some of the main services that we offer.

Legal translation services

With considerable knowledge in the nuances of legal translation and experience in the legal industry, our specialized team of translators, writers, proofreaders will be able to accurately translate any legal document that you have.

We focus on the legal grammar, the concepts involved, including statements in a recorded contract, and will translate the document with the highest levels of accuracy. Each technical document has certain precise nuances that have to be followed; these will be correctly conveyed during the translation. We have native-speaking specialists and linguistic experts who are familiar with the different concepts, and they will ensure your documents are translated and localized. Our commitment to quality enables us to capture the very essence and meaning of the document in legal terminology in diverse areas.

Document translation services

Precision and accuracy are the key features in our document translations services. Our translators are experienced in the field of document translation, and they work to retain the intended meaning in the documents, and proof-read them several times to ensure that no meaning or essence is lost in translation.

Being a reputed Translation Company in Abu Dhabi, UAE, you can rest assured that your demands will be duly met. It doesn’t matter if the documents are complex or long winding, we have experts trained to translate all kinds of documents with remarkable ease and efficiency.

Pro services

PRO or Public Relation Offices services is one of the prestigious services that we provide, thanks to the highly qualified, skilled experts that we have. At Avani, we have a panel of experts who have extensive knowledge about all the government rules and legal procedures and can essentially deliver all the PRO services that you need to start a company in Abu Dhabi. Our PRO services comply with all the legal regulations, and we are fully adept at guiding both startups and established businesses.

There are so many nuances involved in starting a company in UAE, and with our guidance and services, you will be able to cover them all successfully. Get in touch with us today to make your dream of starting your own company in Abu Dhabi come true, with absolutely no hassle. Let us help you comply with legalities and documentation involved in the process so the path is easier for you.

Notary services

We offer the highest standards and accuracy in notary services in Abu Dhabi when we authenticate the documents and transactions. Through proper authentication of all the legal documents and notarization, you can have fast, flexible and efficient service from us. Have a look at some of the documents that we notarize for our clients

  • Notarization of agreements for businesses dealings
  • Power of Attorney for various requirements
  • Minutes of Meetings
  • Affidavits
  • Legal Notices
  • Declarations, Acknowledgements, Endorsement of Signature, Undertakings etc.
  • Non-Muslim Wills

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Our Vision

We hope to be the first choice locally and globally for clients looking for translation services of legal documents and papers.

Our Key Features

Providing the highest level of professional quality legal translation services, providing the latest solution to achieve the clients' directing them, and saving their time and effort.

Our Mission

Providing the highest level of professional quality legal translation services, providing the latest solution to achieve the clients' directing them, and saving their time and effort.

Our Key Features

We are professional Legal translation service providers that ensure the quality and speed of the work to meet your urgent requirements.

Why choose us?

We offer a plethora of services for those requiring legal translation services, notary services, PRO services and assistance in starting a company in Abu Dhabi With our superstar team of highly talented, certified and skilled, you will be armed with the most precise documentation whatever your requirement is. Have a look at some of the other benefits you can enjoy. If you are wondering the key reasons as to why you should choose Avani Translation Services, here are some of the standout points.

  • Affordable: We provide high quality services at affordable rates. Our focus is on providing the best to a maximum number of people through a cost-effective approach. Quality doesn’t have to come at exorbitant price tags.
  • Premium Quality services: We always have an edge over competition when it comes to the quality of our services. Our experienced team of translators, proofreaders and documentation experts work together to provide the best services
  • Certified translators: In order to make sure that people are satisfied with the quality, we have a strict policy of choosing only certified translators for the task. This helps us grade them in a better way too.

These are the key reasons that have allowed people to vest their interest in us. We want to be sure that we continue to flourish and our clients are happy and loyal to us.

Feel free to check out the rates or get in touch with us to get a quote.


Hasnaa Tiki
Hasnaa Tiki
They are really professional and quick, I got my documents ready in less than 24 hours 😊 and the price is affordable comparing to other agencies ! really recommended
Fatema Almheiri
Fatema Almheiri
Absolutely amazing service, Miss Reham is great and professional. They went above and beyond do get my papers in orders, highly recommend.
Tamer Al-issa
Tamer Al-issa
خدمه ممتازه بالتوفيق
Hajar Nour
Hajar Nour
افضل تجربة للترجمة القانونية و اسرع خدمة و معاملة جدا محترمة و موظفين محترمين. حتي الاسعار كانت ممتازه ، مش هيكون اخر تعانل ان شاءالله
Aysha Nihidha
Aysha Nihidha
Really nice service and great people
larbi Elkhouater
larbi Elkhouater
Very efficace and welcoming professional. I will definitely stay loyal customer considering the price and value of their services.
Kyra Oughourlian
Kyra Oughourlian
Avani translation was a huge help For me , thanks for the team there
Hussain Al Hashemi
Hussain Al Hashemi
خدمات جدًا سريعة وخدمة عملاء راقية، ويوجد لديهم تخليص المعاملات الحكومية وخدمات كاتب العدل
SamBak SB
SamBak SB
تسليم المطلوب بوقته او قبل، حُسن الاستقبال والترحيب، ولا ننسى جمال الضيافة والقهوة